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Can You Lease a Car With Bad Credit?

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Sometimes things don’t go as planned. You’re trying your best in Alton but hit a rough patch and your credit score took a hit. What do you do when you have bad credit but need a new car? If you’ve researched whether you should buy or lease a Kia, you know that with bad credit, car leasing can cost less money up front, help you rebuild your credit score, and be a more flexible option than getting a traditional auto loan. You’ll also pay less in sales tax in Godfrey. Our finance center is here to help you decide which car-buying method works best for your budget.

What Credit Score is Needed to Lease a Car?

There isn’t a definitive credit score to lease a car, although anything below 650 is considered bad credit. You will undergo a credit check in order to be approved for a lease, and a low credit score will likely mean a larger initial payment. However, it’s still likely to be lower than the down payment if you’re purchasing instead of leasing. The good news is, if you’ve been working to improve your credit score in Edwardsville, your hard work will show on your credit report. That can help.

How to Improve Your Credit

It’s never too late to give your credit score a boost. Here are a few ways you can make it add up:

  • Keep making payments on time, and communicate immediately with your creditors if you can’t.
  • Don’t get discouraged. Look at how your credit score got low in the first place and see where it’s improved. If you’ve been rebuilding credit, your credit score might still be low but your recent prompt payment history looks very good on your credit report.
  • Bring proof of your income and stability. Pay stubs, proof of address and insurance, and proof that you’re currently employed show that you’re responsible.
  • If leasing isn’t an option, consider a loan for an affordable used car instead of a new car. Used car loan rates are a few percentage points lower.

It Adds Up With Federico Kia

At Federico Kia we’ll work to give you a deal on a car that you can afford. You can get started by using our payment calculator to get an idea of what to expect. Don’t hesitate to contact our finance center with your questions about everything from leasing with poor credit, to learning how to refinance a car loan. If you would rather explore ways to improve your credit score before acquiring a new vehicle, learn how with Federico Kia

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