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Learn How to Reset a Check Engine Light

Check Engine Light

When your check engine light comes on, it can be a stressful situation. However, something minor is typically the cause. Even after you’ve determined the issue, your check engine light is likely still illuminated on your dash. Our service centerat Federico Kia will help you learn how to reset your check engine light so you can drive worry-free.

If There Is a Problem, Have It Resolved

You should only reset your check engine light if you have resolved the issue. Ignoring any problems can cause even bigger issues now. If you check engine light comes on, or if your check engine light is flashing, schedule service online to have the experienced technicians at Federico Kia get you back on the roads of Alton and Edwardsville.

Check Your Gas Cap

If you check engine light comes on, you might just have a loose gas cap. An unscrewed gas cap causes fumes to release, triggering your check engine light. When you’re safely parked, simply remove your gas cap and put it right back on. If the engine light doesn’t turn off right away after you perform this check, follow the steps below to reset your engine light.

Disconnect the Negative Battery Cable

To those who aren’t overly familiar with working on their car, this may seem intimidating. However, it’s actually pretty straightforward! Follow these steps to learn how to reset a check engine light:

  1. Turn off the ignition and put on safety glasses and gloves
  2. Locate the negative terminal. Usually, it has a black cap and a negative (–) symbol. For reference, the positive cap is red and will have a positive (+) symbol.
  3. Loosen the nut on the negative terminal with a wrench, then pull the negative connector from the battery. Keep it to the side for 30 – 60 seconds.
  4. Reconnect the negative cable and tighten it back up with your wrench.

Visit the Federico Kia Service Center for Additional Help

Working on your own car can be tough, even if you’ve done it before. If you’d prefer to get the job done at our Godfrey service center, don’t hesitate to schedule service today! Contact us if you have any questions about how to reset your check engine light, or if you’d like to learn more service tips like how to jump start a car today!

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